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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

Job NameHydraulic Engineering Engineer

Job duties

1、Mainly responsible for the development and design of hydraulic system products, can independently complete the design and development of hydraulic system projects, space layout and major
Design and processing drawings for non-standard components

2、Organize relevant technical documentation according to the needs of the project and develop a list of components for the entire hydraulic system project
3、Communicate with customer or company sales, understand customer's technical requirements and translate them into design inputs or internal company technical requirements
4、Provide hydraulic technology support for the company team, according to the actual situation of the project combined with the company's product characteristics, to provide customers with complete hydraulic technology solutions
5、Solve the pre-sale and after-sale technical service problems of the company's products and be responsible for the technical support work


1、Between 25-45 years old, major in mechanical design and other related subjects, bachelor degree or above
2、Have good customer service awareness, can adapt to the occasional business trip customer on-site service work, have the ability to deal with customers independently
3、Carefully responsible, meticulous, with a good spirit of innovation and team awareness
4. Proficient in hydraulic technology, rich experience in hydraulic mechanical design, research and development, or application. More than 3 years of experience in hydraulic system and non-standard hydraulic components are preferred.
5、Proficient in drawing software such as AUTOCAD and Solidworks;

Please send your resume toinfo@helnco.com.cn